List of vegetable

List of vegetables With All Vegetable Crops examples

In this post, we are going to conclude the list of vegetables ? with all vegetable crops examples we have also classified vegetable crops in different categories like vegetables under Cole crops, vegetables under Root crops, vegetables under cucurbits, vegetables under bulb, crops, List of Leafy and Salad vegetables, Vegetables under Peas and Beans, Perennial …


Onion Farming

Onion Farming All Important Onion Cultivation details

In this article on Onion Farming we will describe all-important points of onion farming like morphology of onion, climate requirement for onion cultivation, soil requirement, varieties, planting method, weeding manure, and fertilizer, irrigation, harvesting process, grading, just have a look for broad knowledge. Introduction of onion The scientific name of onion IS- Allium cepa L. …


turnip farming introduction

Turnip Farming With All Important Cultivation Practice

This post Includes Turnip Farming: Nutrition in turnip; Health benefits of turnip; Climate Requirement For The Turnip Farming; Soil Requirement For Turnip Cultivation; Varieties; Sowing, Spacing, Irrigation, Harvesting Process, Post-harvest Process In Turnip Farming  Turnip Introduction  Scientific name of Turnip Is:- Brassica rapa var. rapa L. Turnip comes from the family:- brassicaceae Turnip is the biennial plant …


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