Hello friends, welcome to our new blog on our website rabi crop. This time we are so excited to share our new experience with Sage farming tips and techniques we followed in growing sage, one of the best aromatics medicinal herb. Sage farming

Lavender farming With All Important Details

Hello, welcome to the new blog of the website rabi crops, in this blog we are going to share our experience of Lavender farming. Whenever we hear about the word Lavender, we always remember the beautiful aroma and the eyes filled with beautiful lavender colour. Bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects all love lavender when …


Ashwagandha Farming

Ashwagandha farming Guide With All Details of Growing Ashwagandha

Hello friends, welcome to the new blog on rabi crops, we are going to share all the important details of Ashwagandha farming. we will also share our own experience of Ashwagandha cultivation. This is the beginner guide for the farmers who will start growing Ashwagandha. After reading this blog farmers will be confident, to start …