Zaid crops examples

Zaid crops examples With All Details 2022 Updated

Zaid Crops are small Time Period crops also known as summer crops and in some Asian region they also known it as Grishmkal crops, cultivation time period of zaid crops is between harvesting of rabi crops and sowing of kharif crops, cultivated during February month to June month, Zaid crops are early maturing crops. In …


Ashwagandha Farming

Ashwagandha farming Guide With All Details of Growing Ashwagandha

Hello friends, welcome to the new blog on rabi crops, we are going to share all the important details of Ashwagandha farming. we will also share our own experience of Ashwagandha cultivation. This is the beginner guide for the farmers who will start growing Ashwagandha. After reading this blog farmers will be confident, to start …


Mustard Farming

Mustard Farming Guide With All important Cultivation Details

Hello, welcome to the new blog on the rabi crop. We are going to give all details of mustard farming after reading this complete guide on mustard cultivation. We are very sure you will become an expert in mustard farming. In this mustard growing guide, we have included Introduction to mustard plant, Use of mustard, …


List of vegetable

List of vegetables With All Vegetable Crops examples

In this post, we are going to conclude the list of vegetables ? with all vegetable crops examples we have also classified vegetable crops in different categories like vegetables under Cole crops, vegetables under Root crops, vegetables under cucurbits, vegetables under bulb, crops, List of Leafy and Salad vegetables, Vegetables under Peas and Beans, Perennial …


turnip farming introduction

Turnip Farming With All Important Cultivation Practice

This post Includes Turnip Farming: Nutrition in turnip; Health benefits of turnip; Climate Requirement For The Turnip Farming; Soil Requirement For Turnip Cultivation; Varieties; Sowing, Spacing, Irrigation, Harvesting Process, Post-harvest Process In Turnip Farming  Turnip Introduction  Scientific name of Turnip Is:- Brassica rapa var. rapa L. Turnip comes from the family:- brassicaceae Turnip is the biennial plant …


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