Anthurium luxurians Care Step By Step Guide To Make You Pro


This Blog is a complete guide to Anthurium luxurians. Today, you are going to become an expert at Anthurium luxuriant after reading this step-by-step guide to Anthurium luxurians Care.

The origin place of the plant is a rainforest in South America; knowing the origin place is very important. By doing this, we can understand the basic environmental needs of the plant.

It Belongs to Kingdom:- Plantae, Family:- Araceae, Genus:- Anthurium.

 We completely believe the Beautiful plant Anthurium luxurians is a very suitable plant for indoor planting because the size of the plant is small.

The stems of the plant are small, and this makes it our favorite lovable plant. Anthurium luxurians.

We are going to say one more very special thing about this plant is the color of the leaves which are eye-catching.

The color of the leaves is dark green with a betel leaf-like shape; the size of its leaves is more like betel leaves.

The size of the plant is small because of this ability. You can keep this plant on the tabletop, on your balcony, or beside your bed. It is suitable for any place where you want to she your beautiful plant.

If you have studied anywhere that caring for Anthurium luxurians and growing is tough, then forget everything today.

We are going to share our growing experience of Anthurium luxurians, and this will change your view.

Keeping Anthurium luxurians at home gives a very luxurious look to  the house. 

Anthurium luxurians Care

If we compare it with other plants, it is less demanding.

It requires a very less amount of humidity for proper growth. It should be over 60 precent and less than 80 percent.

The light requirement of the plant is very low. It only requires indirect light for growth and development.

For the proper vegetative growth and development of the plant, it requires a stable temperature between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius (68 to 89.6 in Fahrenheit).

The fertilizer requirements of the plant for growth and development are very low. It requires only one to four doses of fertilizer. Further, we will discuss it.

The water requirement of the plant is very minimal. Watering once a week is enough for proper growth and development. It also depends on the environmental conditions of the place.

Soil Requirement of Anthurium luxurians

We can grow anthurium in the soil or without the soil in sphagnum moss. It can grow in both conditions. In some environmental conditions, it can grow better in sphagnum moss compared to soil.

What we have observed is just because of two important qualities, it grows better in sphagnum moss. First one is the water holding capacity of the sphagnum moss, and the second important quality is a slow release of fertilizer when the plant is required.

When we are growing Anthurium luxurians in soil, it requires well-drained soil. The soil should be loose for proper aeration in the root zone. If we add sphagnum moss to the upper layer of the soil, it will be best for the Anthurium plant.

As we have observed, In acidic soil the growth of anthurium luxurians is more so many of the nursery management used to add two to three drops of vinegar in the gallon of water and use it in irrigation.

The purpose behind this is to make the soil acidic for the extraordinary growth of Anthurium luxurians, we don’t recommend doing this at home if you are doing it do it with attention and use the vinegar in a very small quantity max to two drops at home in one-gallon water. 

More acidic soil can damage the plant, so we are suggesting using vinegar in less quantity.

We will also suggest using FYM in the pot base because farmyard manure release nutrient slowly when the plant requires it.

Potting mixture for growing healthy and happy plants of Anthurium luxurians is to use:- 

  • 30% of gardening soil
  • 15% of Farmyard manure
  • 25% bark of the tree
  • 30% of perlite

It totally depends on the availability of things. If anyone or two of these are not present in your locality, then you can replace them with the alternative available in your market.

Water Requirement

To understand the water requirement of the anthurium luxurians plant, recall the origin place of the anthurium, it is the rainforest and the environmental condition in the rainforest is full of humidity and always raining.

So the water requirement for the plant is high. We will suggest watering the anthurium luxurians plant once a week.

In the growing season, the water requirements of the plant also increase. This means when the plant will grow, the water requirement of the plant will also grow.

On dry days, when the temperature is high, it needs to be irrigated after every three days of the week. Keep checking the soil’s upper surface. It should not dry.

We will suggest keeping this thing in mind during making the soil mixture. The water-holding capacity of the soil should be more. If the water holding capacity of the soil will be more, then we don’t water it after every two days, tens of watering will decrease with this.

Keep the root zone of the plant clean reason behind saying this is when moisture content increases, it invites weeds and pests and it can damage the plant, so keep cleaning the root zone of the plant.

Light Requirement

Light requirements of Anthurium luxurians are very common with all other indoor plants like Philodendron Xanadu or Monstera Deliciosa. All these plants don’t like direct sunlight for proper growth and development; these plants only require indirect sunlight.

Direct sunlight will damage the plant, damage symptoms will be the burning of leaves, wilting of plant, and sometimes the edge of the plant leaves will turn brown.

Please don’t misunderstand the things that we want to make you understand. Anthurium requires indirect light, but the brightness of the light should be more. It requires 60 to 70% bright indirect light.

Not getting proper indirect light will affect the growth and development of the plant, you can easily observe this slow growth in the plants. If you are growing Anthurium luxurians indoors we will suggest keeping the plant near the window.

When we grow anthurium in the indoor environment, use curtains in your window. It will protect the plant from direct light and it will get the proper amount of brightness required for vegetative growth and development.

Keep your plant at a distance of 2.5 feet to 3 feet from the window and use a curtain to protect direct light. It will provide the best environmental conditions for the growth of the plant.

Many of us grow Anthurium outside of the house, we suggest they grow the plant at a place where after half of the day the plant will be in shade.

if you are growing in a pot outside of the house, in this condition, we will suggest keeping a plant in 40% shade, especially during summer.

Temperature Requirement Of Anthurium luxurians

To understand the proper temperature requirement of the anthurium, you need to understand about the origin place of the anthurian luxurians, because in the origin place plant gets proper environmental conditions for growth and development.

The origin of the anthurium is the rainforests of ecuagenera and Colombia

And we all know the environmental conditions of rainforests are hot and moist, so with this, we can easily understand that Anthurium luxurians love to grow in hot and moist conditions.

We can easily care for Anthurium luxurians in our home environment because it requires a temperature between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and if we convert this to Fahrenheit, it is between 68 to 86°F.

In every home, we will get this temperature 5 degrees up or down, so the home temperature is favorable for growing Anthurium luxurians.

During winter, it requires special care and attention. Move your favorite plant to the warm corner of your house. We will not recommend keeping your plant at a cold or chilling temperature because it can’t tolerate it; it can damage the plant.

If you have an extensive garden, and with a poly house, or greenhouse we will suggest keeping your beautiful Anthurium luxurians plant in a greenhouse. It will protect the plant by providing it with warmer environmental conditions for growth and development.

As we have previously discussed that direct sunlight is not good for the Anthurium luxurians, so in summer we will suggest keeping the plant in a place where it gets indirect light, not heat from sunlight.

Protect your plant from cold temperatures in winter and also from direct sunlight in summer.

One request is never to show over-caring for the plant by keeping it near the heater on wintry days and near cooler or AC on hot summer days. It will damage the plant and sometimes the plant can also die.

Humidity Requirement

Anthurium luxurians love to grow in humid conditions; for proper vegetative growth, it requires 60 to 80 percent humid conditions.

The origin of the plant is the rainforest and there it gets high humid conditions and this is a favorable condition for the growth of Anthurium luxurians.

For fulfillment of the moisture needs of the plant, you can spray mist on the plant at a regular interval on hot summer days. We will also suggest keeping water in the tray below the pot of the plant. This will also fulfill the humidity requirements of the plant.

If you have over 3 to 4 plants in your house like Alocasia Polly, Monstera Deliciosa, Philodendron Xanadu, Anthurium Clarinervium, these plants have a high demand for humidity, you can keep all of them together and use one electric humidifier.

But if you have only one or two plants in your house, we will suggest using hand mist sprayer bottles. It will be easy to use and less costly compared to an electric humidifier, just you need to give some effort. 

If you are living in an area where the environment is cool, then your efforts for spraying mist will be less, but if you are living in an area with a hot temperature, you need to spray mist after every alternate day.

One more easy way to increase humidity in a house is to grow some plants like the Spider plant, Jade plant, Areca palm, English ivy, and Rubber plant. These plants will increase the humidity level of your house. We have practically used it and got success in this.

No need to grow all these plants. Two or three of them are enough to maintain the humidity level of the house; just group them together.

Don’t rely completely on humidity, increasing plants on hot days. We need to increase the humidity of the surroundings by spraying a mist manually or using electric humidifiers.

There are many electric humidifiers in the market, then can maintain humidity in the environment with their artificial intelligence. You just need to set it up once it will work. 

But plant lovers like me love to maintain the needs of their plants. It gives pleasure and satisfaction, but sometimes because of less time we also need to do this with electric humidifiers.

Manure & Fertilizer Requirement Of Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians growth and development are stable is slow releasing of fertilizer; an overdose of fertilizer is not good for the proper growth and development of Anthurium luxurians.

The fertilizer requirement of Anthurium luxurians is much less than compared the other indoor plants.

We will suggest using a slow-release fertilizer like Farm yard manure or vermicompost for the better growth of your Anthurium luxurians plant.

Fertilizing weekly to your Anthurium plant is not a good idea. It doesn’t require weekly fertilizer; providing fertilizer once in a month during the growing season and once after two months is more than enough for the growth and development plant.

During making the soil mixture ready for filling the pot, add farm yard manure or vermicompost to the pot base; this will release slow and constant nutrients to the plant overall year.

Another indoor plant will require an equal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But Anthurium luxurians require an outrageous amount of phosphorus fertilizers during its blooming and growth period.

We will not suggest overdosing on any fertilizer, and also not suggest using chemicals for your indoor plants. Always try to find natural and organic fertilizer for your plant.

If you are using chemical fertilizer, we will suggest using it in very small quantities as recommended by the company, and wear protective gear before using it to protect your sensitive parts like the eyes and nose from this.

Every plant grower should know this during winter. Most indoor plants will be in the dormant period and they will not require fertilizer in that season, and same with Anthurium luxurians, will not require fertilizer in winter because it will be in the dormant period.

Pruning & Trimming

Grooming your favorite plant is the work that we all like to do the entire year every time, but Anthurium luxurians plant doesn’t need that much pruning.

we will suggest doing only when you see any yellow leaves, any branch growing unidirectional or any drying leaves or stem.

You can also trim discolored leaves to groom your plant and save nutrients from the plant. We will suggest trimming the lower branches of the plant, but don’t touch the apical meristem (tip of the growing plant) and also don’t trim the main stem of the plant.

By trimming the lower branches of the plant, the plant will move in the upper direction fast and the vegetative growth of the plant will also increase.

Before Pruning the Plant: Follow these three tips:

  1. Always clean your pruning instrument
  2. Wear gloves before using Sarp objects
  3. Keep children away while pruning or not, letting them do

And one more important tip never does pruning when the plant is in dormant condition means in the winter period.

Repotting Of Anthurium luxurians

Repotting is an important process that we have to do after every one to two years, and the simple calculation behind this is if the size of the plant doubles, it means it is time to repot the plant.

Three easy Ways By Which we can understand that our plant needs to repot

  1. Roots hairs will be easily visible outside of the soil.
  2. The plant will need more water, yellowing of leaves, wilting like condition, roots zone will be always dry.
  3. The growth of the plant will stop; you can observe the dormancy-like condition.

These are very common things that we observe in plants when it requires to be reported. Always take one size large pot that you are using currently.

We will suggest doing the repotting every year. It is good for the growth and development of the plant.

Anthurium luxurians Propagation

Anthurium luxurians Propagation

We can propagate very few indoor plants by one to two different methods of propagation. By three different modes of propagation, we can propagate Anthurium luxurians:

  1.  Propagation by Root Cutting
  2. Propagation by Stem Cutting
  3. Propagation By Seeds

Root Cutting Method Of Propagation

Anthurium luxurians Propagation

It is the easiest and common method of propagation in Anthurium luxurians. All nursery and commercial propagators use this method of propagation.

It is one of the important vegetative propagation methods. From this propagation method. We get identical same plant as the mother Anthurium luxurians plant.

In this method, we just need one mature mother plant and separate that mother plant from the baby plant.

All we need to do is process this all process so smoothly with a loose hand. The major root of the plant shouldn’t be damaged.

We will suggest wearing protective gloves and cleaning all the instruments that you are using in the process of propagation in Anthurium luxurians. This will protect the plant from any type of external infection.

Keep inspecting all the roots and rhizome of the plant; if you find any infected or rotted roots, eliminate them so that in the future it doesn’t cause any problem for the growing plant.

While separating, keep in mind when you separate Anthurium luxurians, mother plant and baby plant rhizome should be available in both portions, it will increase the success rate of survival after propagation.

After separating both plants, plant them in two different pots, protect the plant from direct sunlight, and maintain the moisture content in the soil.

Stem Cutting Of Anthurium luxurians

Stem Cutting Of Anthurium luxurians


If you want to know the more easy methods of propagation for the plant Anthurium luxurians, then you should know the method of stem cutting.

Three important things that we need to notice and do before doing steam cutting in anthurium.

  • Choose a mature stem with some mature leaves on it.
  • Make pot mixture with slow-releasing organic fertilizer like fym (farm yard manure).
  • Clean all the instruments that we are going to use in cutting, this will decrease the infection risk.

After doing all this, just cut the stem with a sharp object. We will suggest using rooting hormones, it will increase the success rate in propagation.

We will not suggest removing leaves from the stem. It will help plants to use stored nutrients until new roots come.

Keep moisture in the soil and protect the plant from direct sunlight. Then after some days, you will observe new plants growing.

Propagation By Anthurium luxurians With Seeds

If you are very pensive and you want to see your plant growing from a zero level in front of your eyes, then this method is for you.

If you are not growing anthurium for commercial purposes, we will not suggest doing this. It takes a lot of time and effort and the success rate of this method is very low, few plants survive.

Disease and Pests In Anthurium

Pests Management In Anthurium

For the proper anthurium luxurians care, it is very important to know about the major pests that can harm beautiful plant anthurium luxurians.

When we are growing plants in outdoor conditions, then we need to worry more about the pests, but in indoor conditions, pest influence is very less.

Most common pests that damage Anthurium plants are mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, and scales. We need to protect our plants from these insects.

Insects like spider mites and thrips have a shucking mouth type, they used to suck the juice of the plants and with this growth and development of the plant will get affected.

Disease Management In Anthurium

For proper anthurium luxurians care, it is very important to know all about the disease of the plant; we hope your plant doesn’t suffer this condition. but for protection and proper care, it is very important to know.

  Mainly, anthurium luxurians can suffer from 5 major diseases of which 2 are bacterial and 3 diseases are fungal.

Bacterial Disease Of anthurium luxurians,  Their Symptoms,  Control Methods. 
Bacterial Blight:- yellowing of leaves, edges start drying,  Decrease the humidity, increase the temperature, and isolate the diseased plant. 
Bacterial Wilt:- The yellowing of leaves from leaves starts soon. The whole plant become yellow. Isolate the plant, sanitize it, you can use any fungicide which contains phosphorous acid. It is good in that condition. 
Fungal Disease Of anthurium luxurians,  Their Symptoms,  Control Methods. 
Root Rot:- The leaves of the plant fall, and the roots start rotting.  Control irrigation, and use well-drained soil. 
PHYTOPHTHORA:-  mainly damages the roots of the plant,  with less irrigation, and anti-fungal spray. 
Black nose Disease:- Black spot on flowers  Proper fungicide spray.
Final Tips For Anthurium Luxurians Care:-

Anthurium luxurians care is not tough. We have to understand the plant.

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight is best for growth and development.
  • we will suggest maintaining a temperature between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Maintain Proper humidity, loves to grow in humid conditions.
  • Add slow-release fertilizer.
  • Maintain proper lighting.
  • Good air circulation is very important.
  • Proper Drainage should be maintained.
  •  For controlling bacterial and fungal diseases, add charcoal to the base of the pot. It will reduce the chances of damage.

In the end, I want to tell you, that I have many indoor plants in my house. You can read about the experience of growing Alocasia Polly, which is best you can also grow Anthurium Clarinervium or one more beautiful plant, Philodendron Xanadu, or Monstera Deliciosa Growing don’t forget to share your views after reading.

At the end of the blog, I’m adding some website links that will help you grow your plant more efficiently, how to do repotting, for plant disease. I took help from ifas

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